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Stopping to find what’s missing!

Genesis 2:18-2:25
Key Verse: 2:18

"The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

• What do you think -when did God find “It was not good…”? It seems to me God stopped somewhere in between chapter one verses 25 and 26. By now we are familiar with the way God functions. So to speak, he had a habit of stopping every now and then regularly. This time why do you think God stopped? How can we practice or apply this “stopping” in our daily living? Or what does stopping mean for us practically? Quality family time?

• Who realized first that it was NOT good for man to be alone- was it Adam or God? Perhaps, Adam even didn’t realized what’s missing?

• God decided to address man’s “aloneness” problem, but he did not jump into action right away. God waited for a while. Why do you think God took some time and waited to do the things he needed to do? In other words why did he stop again? (God was never too busy, he always finds time to do things necessary. Central never busy, telephone is free!)

• Why do you think God brought animals and all the birds in the sky to Adam? What was God’s purpose? (19)

• What does his active engagement as steward of the garden by naming the animals and birds shows about Adam’s ability?

• How many days or weeks and months or years we do not know. But it is assumed that Adam has been working for a while. Look at Adam. He was diligent, attentive, and hard working. Adam paid careful attention to every animal and every bird. (We understand that it takes a great deal of attention to care for animals and birds in the zoo or in the research lab.) During this period of time what important thing did God discover about the man? (20b)
• Define “suitable helper” in your own words. Why can’t God found a “suitable helper” for human from among animals? How did God proceed to resolve the issue from this point on? (21). Wait a minute, what did God do with the man’s rib? (22) Why?
• Why do you think Adam responded the way he responded? (23). Do you think Adam found the missing rib? Suddenly Adam became a poet. What was the main source of his poem? Was it the new and beautiful looking woman or God himself? Was it that God created woman for man or man for woman? What does this fact tell us about man? What is man’s first priority, “mother and father” or “his wife”? (24) What does this tell us about man’s dilemma? (24). Explain what it means that Adam and his wife were “both naked.” (25). What does this tells us about marriage relationship?
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